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The style of this hostel may be new for Thai people but foreigners are accustomed to it. It is a place where strangers sleep together in a room with many beds or bunk beds. The maximum number of guests per room is 10. Each bed is walled with a curtain in order to give each guest privacy. There are rooms for male guests and female gusts are separated from each other. The shared bathrooms are outside the bed rooms. The hostel provides a towel for each guest. The bed is spacious enough and each guest can put their personal stuff beside walls. Each bed has a light lamp and sockets. It is comfortable for travelers to emphasize on economic trips. The hostel also has lockers for guests to keep their precious belongings. Each guest is provided a keycard used for entering and exiting the hostel at night. Each guest room has an air-conditioner that is adjust to condition the temperature to be 25 Celsius degrees, which is comfortable. The hostel also provides a thick and clean blanket to each guest. Normally, almost 100% of customers of this hostel are foreigners. There are just few Thai guests. The hostel has free coffee in the morning and bicycles for biking around the city, free WiFi. Each guest has to pay 200 baht deposit four key when checking in and the deposit will be paid back when checking out.

Location: Opposite the entrance to Suwandararam Temple, Ho Ratanachai Sub-district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Ayutthaya Province

Telephone Number: +66 35 950 138

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