39 เอเซียโกลเด้นซี 50

This very big resort is outside Ayutthaya City, and emphasizes on comfort in natural environs. It takes around 20 – 30 minutes to reach this resort that has many rooms in different styles and various prices. Each room is beautifully decorated and furnished with facilities such as flat screen TV, minibar, water kettle, air-conditioner and hot shower. The VIP room, which is more spacious than others and is located by the pool, has a compartment that serves as a small living room. Other rooms are fairly spacious and have furniture that is aligned to give relaxed feeling. There is a Thai style house with a twin bed room in another zone. The center of the resort is a swimming pool with artificial mountain and waterfall, and is surrounded with a shady garden. A part of the resort area is a flower garden that beautifies the resort and serves as a leisure zone for guest to chill out. There is also a small water park in the swimming pool area. This water park has a slider that both children and adults can play. N0n-guests of the resort can also use the water park of the resort as well.

Location: Ban Hip Sub-district, Uthai District, Ayutthaya Province, Telephone,+66 35 200 726

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