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Food and beverage is a field of art. The place that can well define this say is Prang View Cafe in Ayutthaya. This cafe is like a living room that is artfully decorated with white color and serves foods and drinks. A area of the shop has a free space in the center, surrounded with clear glass so that guests can sketch and draw pictures. The foods and drinks, especially cold drinks for guests who travel around in hot weather, are also artfully presented. Some interesting signatures of Prang View Cafe are Prang View Aromatic which is lemon soda drink with rose syrup, beautifully designed and decorated with rose petal to give rosy scent and fresh feeling, and Blue Pea Cream Cheese which is blue drink colored by butterfly pea flowers that contradicts with white cream cheese that is suave, and also many other drinks that are ready to serve everyday at its location between Mahathat Temple and Ratburana Temple. The view is delightful as clued by the ‘Prang View’ Name.

Location: The corner of the intersection opposite Ratburana Temple and Mahathat Temple, 22/13 Maharat Road, Tha Wasukri Sub-district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Ayutthaya Province, Telephone Number: +66 85 159 9944

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