61 บ้านเคียงชล 01

This resort by the river give beautiful views of Phutthai Sawan Temple from each room in modern style with facilities. Each room is decorated in luxurious colour tone and has corridor at the front to be the place for guests to chill out and enjoy the view and ambience by Chao Phraya Riverside. Prices of rooms are not too high. On weekends and holidays, a riverside room costs 1,500 baht, a river-view room on the upper floor costs 1,200 baht and a river-view room on the lower floor costs 1,000 baht. On weekdays, the rooms cost 1,200 baht, 1,000 baht and 800 baht, respectively. There is breakfast for guests. The location of this resort is good because it is situated on U Thong Road. Hence to travel to Ayutthaya City is convenient.

Location: Southern Side of U Thong Road, 14/2 Village 5 Pratu Chai Sub-district,  Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Ayutthaya Province, Telephone Numbers: +66 86 605 2702, +66 89 900 5104, +66 97 295 8889

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