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Ayutthaya is one of the provinces in Thailand that have diversity of populations. There are Buddhist people and Muslim people. Thus, it is apparent that there are many mosques some of which have existed for very long. Buddhist Thai and Muslim Thai people live together for many generations. Apart from interesting tourist attractions, Ayutthaya foods are also unique. There are Thai and international restaurants. As for Muslim restaurants, there are many of that that have received Halal Sign to certify that they meet Halal standard. Wanida Halal Food is one of those Halal restaurants that is widely known. Buddhist people can also eat at this restaurant. Wanida Restaurant serves many foods. Best seller foods are grilled prawn, and beef and mutton dishes. The shop is spacious enough to welcome customers who come in groups. There are also praying rooms for Muslim customers.

Telephone Number: +66 86 532 0034  Work Hours: 09:30 – 20:00

Location: Wanida Halal Food is on Number 347 Highway, near Worachet Intersection and close to PTT Gas Station.

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