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One of the popular places to have breakfast for local people of Ayutthaya is Jeap Pig’s Blood Soup. This shop opens early in the morning to receive customers. Late morning, when tourists come, the shop is crowded with customers. People from other provinces also know what to have for breakfast when they come to Ayutthaya. They choose Jeap Pig’s Blood Soup Shop with confidence that they will have yummy foods. This shop serves many foods including pig’s blood soup, noodle and pig’s inner organs in brown soup (kuai chap), rice topped with pork stew, pig’s hoof stew, pork dumpling, and stuffed Chinese bun. This shop opens until 13:00. Sometimes, there is no parking space for customers and customers have to wait until there are tables available.

Staff give good services; foods are quickly served; and most importantly, the cleanliness is great.

Telephone Numbers: +66 81 571 4796, +66 86 539 1745   Work Hours 05:00 – 13:00

Location: Opposite Ratburana Temple, U Thong Road, Tha Wasukri Sub-district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Ayutthaya Province

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