25 ตำแหลกแยกวรเชษฐ์ 03

This famous and popular restaurant from Bangkok has opened another branch in Ayutthaya, around Worachet Intersection, not so far from Ayutthaya City. The restaurant has 499 som tam (spicy papaya salad) varieties in the menu, from medium size to big size served in a tray which is  the served portion for many people to share together. The tastes of foods from the two branches in Ayutthaya, i.e., Khlong Suan Phlu and Worachet Intersection, are standardized. The location of this branch is easy to find because it is in S.K. Park at a corner of Worachet Intersection. The shop is air-conditioned, so it has chilling ambience. The kitchen is at the back but the som tam station is at the center of the shop in order to facilitate the order taking and serving. Popular dishes are Thai som tam, fruit som tam, corn som tam, som tam with egg and grilled pork, and som tam with grilled fish. Apart from a great number of som tam dishes, there are also many other recommended dishes which are fusion foods from northeastern (esan) part of Thailand such as deep fried chicken wings and spicy minced pork salad. Work hours: 9:00-21:00 น.   Telephone Number: +66 6 4052 2919

Location: S.K.Park, Worachet Intersection, with convenient parking lot

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