27 ครัวปลาอยุธยา 05

This restaurant that serves food in local and countryside recipes is in the city. This restaurant serves various dishes that have pungent taste in Thai local style that is not like most foods sold in an urban area, such as fried frogs that are big frogs served in a plate, sheatfish in red chili paste the price of which depends on the weight of the fish, herbal shrimp soup that needs fresh shrimp in order to taste good, and shrimp phla (a type of Thai spicy salad) that uses fresh shrimp and seasoning ingredients in right amounts with the generous portion of vegetables served with this dish. If you are looking for Thai foods in local style, which are difficult to find in Ayutthaya, come to Khrua Pla (Pla Kitchen) and you shall not be disappointed.

Work Hours: 9:00-22:00 น.    Telephone Number: +66 95 775 0454

Location: S.K.Park, Worachet Intersection, with convenient parking lot

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