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This restaurant, which serves delicious foods and offers comfortable ambience by the river of Ayutthaya City Island, is opposite the front of Kasatrathirat Temple. In the evening, the view at the front of the temple is very beautiful. The ambience by the river is chilling and suitable for families and groups of friends to come to celebrate their special occasions. This restaurants has many special dishes that are greater than the ambience but you should start with grilled prawn. They say if you come to Ayutthaya, you should eat grilled prawn. Mong Du Ruea Restaurant serves fresh prawn with good quality that will not disappoint you. The next menu is grilled snakehead fish in appropriate size for a group of many people. The fish is fresh and naturally tasty. The fish comes with two styles dipping sauce that give contrast of tastes. Another recommended dish is pork satay from popular ‘A So’ brand, which has only one shop in Ayutthaya, The pork is soft and tasty. Viewed from outside, Mong Du Ruea Restaurant seems to be very small but if you walk to the riverside, you will see a spacious area. There is an air-conditioned room as well, even the restroom is air-conditioned. You can also enjoy life music which goes along with the ambience of the dinner very well.

Traveling Tip: Drive across Kasatrathirat Bridge and turn left. The restaurant is on your left and the parking lot is on the opposite side of the restaurant.

Location: 35/1 Village 8, Chedi-WWat Dusitdaram Lane, Pratu Chai Sub-district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Ayutthaya Province

Telephone Numbers: +66 35 321 499, +66 80 108 2345   Work Hours 10:00 – 00:00

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