48 ภูตะวัน 04

This restaurant on the inbound side to Bangkok of Asia Road offers chilling and comfortable ambience and various dishes. Opening since 195, this restaurant has many special dishes from fish and chicken, such as red fire grilled chicken, chicken in lime sauce, and red tail catfish which can be cooked into many dishes such as blanched fish meat, fish meat stir-fried in spicy herbal sauce and tom yam (spicy soup). There are also many other fishes such as sea bass, tilapia and snakehead fish. In addition, there are also dishes from frogs such as dry stir-fried frog meat and frog meat stir-fried in basil sauce. In sum up, this restaurant serves foods in various styles. You can choose a table in comfortable natural atmosphere or a table in a big air-conditioned room with fancy decoration like a big coffee shop. The recommended dish is red fired grilled chicken which is cooked by laying a chicken i the sunlight, and deep-frying the chicken skin to be served as the skin of Peking duck. The chicken meat is also fried and served. This menu uses an entire chicken, served in 2 big plates. It is excellently delicious and good for visitors who drop by after traveling around. Take some rest and enjoy nice foods before going to Bangkok.     Work Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

Facebook: สวนอาหารภูตะวัน บางปะอิน พระนครศรีอยุธยา  Telephone Number: +66 81 810 4419, +66 89 968 0756
Location: 58 Village 5, Asia Road, Khlong Chik Sub-district, Bang Pa-in District, Ayutthaya Province

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