Water Buddhist Lent Candle Procession


Buddhist Lent Candle Procession is a grand ceremony of Buddhist people. This ceremony is held everywhere in Thailand and has been passed on from generation to generation for a long period of time until no one can tell when or where in Thailand the very first ceremony was held. Before the ceremonial day, Buddhist people will donate candles to temples. Such donated candles can be small ones or even big ones that must be carried on a truck. A big candle can be donated by and on behalf of a community or a district. This ceremony is grand and becomes a key event in many provinces. The ceremony in each province has its own uniqueness and is different from that in another country. As for Ayutthaya, the Buddhist Lent Candle Procession is unique             can can be said to be held only in Ayutthaya because it is the Water Candle Procession by which the Buddhist Lent Candles are carried in a boat procession at Lat Chado, which is truly impressive in a unique manner.

Before the day one which the water candle procession is held, people will mold Buddhist Lent candles and decorate the boats to carry the candles beautifully with flowers and locally available materials. On each boat, there will be a beautiful lady to be that candle angle of the boat. The boat procession starts from Lat Chado 100 Years Market, goes alongBang Khli Canal for arounds 2 kilometers and goes back to Lat Chado Market.

The Ceremomy of Water Candle Procession is held every year. In the evening, there are games and shows, such as water boxing and light and sound performances.

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