Story of the Bravery of King Taksin at Ban Phran Nok

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The King Taksin Monument and Ban Phran Nok Memorial Monument has been built because of the gratitude to King Taksin who fought to get sovereign of Thailand back from enemy. Back in the period of Late Ayutthaya, Siam was weak because there had not been war for a long period of time, King Mang-ra, the King of Burma back then, thus sent his troops to attack many vassal states of Siam until the Burmese troop could put the capital of Siam under siege. Siamese soldiers lost their morale because of the weakness of leaders. Hence, Burmese troop tightened its siege to the city ditch. King Taksin, who was then the Governor of Tak City, assigned to fight to protect the Siamese king and deeming that Siam had to definitely lose to Burma, gather around 500 people to fight and break the siege of Burmese troop through Phichai Temple Camp where he set up his troop and collected foods before going through Khao Mao Village and Pho Sao Han Village and settling down to rest at Phran Nok Village (Ban Phran Nok).

At the dawn of the day after which was Sunday, 5th night of the waxing moon, around January, Minor Era 1129, or 4th January B.E. 2309 (A.D. 1766), a Burmese troop consisting of 30 cavaliers and around 2,000 infantries, passed by and met with Siamese soldiers who were collecting food. Thus, they tried to captive those Siamese soldiers. Seeing the incident, King Taksin, with his 4 warriors, immediately decided to direct his horse to fight the 30 Burmese cavaliers, killing Burmese soldiers and beating Burmese troop. From that moment on, Siamese people, who had experienced just ‘loss’, could regain some morale and had confident to group with one another to fight Burmese troops without fear. Thus, King Taksin could be seen as the warrior to brought the Light of Sovereignty to Siam at that time. With the objective to commemorate the bravery of Thai warriors in the past, who were the role models of descendants, the Cavalry Corps, by Major General Yutthaphan Makaramani, the Commander of Cavalry Center, with the collaboration from monks and people of Phran Nok Village, Pho Sao Han Sub-district, Uthai District, Ayutthaya Province, built this memorial monument, and moved the equestrian monument of King Taksin and surrounding monuments of his four warriors, namely, Luang Phichai-A-Sa, Luang Phromsena, Kuhn Aphai Phakdi and Muen Ratchasaneha, from Fort Adison Cavalry Center, Saraburi Province, to Phran Nok Temple, Pho Sao Han Sub-district. On January 4th of each year, which is the Cavalry Day, there will be ceremony to pay homage and offer offerings by people, students and state officials  from all organizations.


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