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Located in Bang Pahan District, this temple is one of the old temples of Ayutthaya Province. There is no clear evidence of the building of the temple. It is hypothesized to be built in Ayutthaya Era by His Highness Thep Sak. Archaic object evidences such as the archaic principal Buddha image in the chapel, which is in Ayutthaya art style, and the pagoda behind the chapel the art style of which can also lead to assumption that it was built around 400 years in Ayutthaya Era. However, the evidence from National Office of Buddhism indicates that Tan En Temple was restored in B.E. 2360 (A.D. 1817) in the reign of King Rama II of Ratanakosin Era, and was granted  Wisungkhamsima (land granted by the King to build chapel on) in B.E. 2317 (A.D. 1828).

The area of this temple is huge and full of big shady trees. Located far from the main road, Tan En Temple becomes a place for a variety of local fauna, such as a horde of fruit bats and water birds such as shags, teals and herons. At the back of the Temple, there is also the irrigation canal with a great number of fresh water fish.

Sacred Places and Objects in the Temple

Pagoda Containing Lord Buddha’s Relics: Built in Ayutthaya Era around 21st Buddhist Century (B.E. 2100 or A.D. 1557), this Pagoda is now 400 years old already. Phrakhru Wisutphawanaprasit Wi. and group of Khun Kaeo, the disciple of the abbot of Tha Sung Temple worked together to restore the pagoda in A.D. 2010. This pagoda is behind the chapel of Tan En Temple.

Luang Pho Klap Buddha Image: This Buddha image was built in Ayutthaya Era, in the reign of King Prasat Thong, around B.E. 2185 (A.D. 1642). This Buddha Image was named ‘Klap’ which means Klap Rai Klap Pen Di (turning bad things into good ones), and is now enshrined at the 80th Anniversary Pavilion in Tan En Temple.

Pavilion of Former Kings: This pavilion is the place to house the Buddha Image in Emperor Costume and statues of some former kings and royal family members such as King Naresuan the Great, Prince Ekathotsarot, Princess Suphan Kalaya and King Rama V.

Traveling Tip: You can use Asia Road Number 32 to Bang Pahan District Intersection and turn right to Motorway Number 347. The entrance to the temple is on your right. Go pass through the entrance and drive farther for 2 kilometers. The total distance is around 20 kilometers. Facebook: ‘Tanen Temple’

Location: Tan En Temple is located in Village 1, Tan En Sub-district, Bang Pahan District, Ayutthaya Province.

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