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There is an ancient pantheon discovered in the middle of a field and less than 100 meters from Pradu Tabong Temple. This pantheon is a ruin of a chapel or a pantheon with only masonry walls remaining and is covered with sacred fig trees roots of which have entwined some parts of the walls making this temple resemble to Khai Bang Kung Temple in Samut Songkhram Province.

There are not sufficient evidences of this abandoned pantheon. It is hypothesized to be built in Ayutthaya Era. The abbot of Pradu Tabong Temple, which is located near this pantheon, said that he has seen this pantheon since his childhood until he entered the monkshood and has become the abbot. This abandoned pantheon or chapel is no part of Pradu Tabong Temple, but now, there is a project to conserve this site to last forever.

Concerning the principal Buddha image in the abandoned pantheon, there is story told by villagers that once there was a patient with paralysis, who could not walk due to an accident, coming to ask for blessing from the principal Buddha image the head of which had been cut. That man prayed that if he could recover from his illness and could walk again, he would build the head of the Buddha image and restore the pantheon. Afterward, the man recovered from his illness, so he came to clear the vegetation around the pantheon, built the head of the principal Buddha image and painted the Buddha image with black paint. Since then, there have been restorations if this pantheon from time ti time. The floor was paved with tiles and there have been metal scaffolds built to support the wall in order to prepare for restoration.

Traveling Tip: Motorway Number 347, Maharat Sub-district, Maharat District, Ayutthaya Province 13150

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