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Built in French style, this first Catholic Church in Thailand was built in Middle Ayutthaya Era, by a group of missionaries led by Cardinal Lambert De La Motte and 2 other Catholic priests, who travelled from Paris to disseminate Catholicism in Far East land and had an audience to King Narai the Great to ask for the permission to build a Catholic church, school and hospital in Ayutthaya Kingdom. King Narai graciously grant a plot of land by Chao Phraya River for building a Catholic church and school, which were collectively called, ‘St. Joseph Camp’. However, during the Fall of Ayutthaya, the camp was burnt down. The current St. Joseph Cathedral was built by Father Parreaux. The construction was finished in B.E. 2434 (A.D. 1891) in the reign of King Rama V. The cathedral has windows that are decorated with colored glass mosaics  and a beautiful marble altar. The cathedral was restored and has been used for committing religious rites as the center of faith of Catholic people until now. It can be said that St. Joseph Cathedral is the monument and evidence of the beginning of the dissemination of Catholicism in Thailand, as carved at the inner side of a door panel of the cathedral. There is the celebration ceremony held on Saturday of the third week of March.

To visit the cathedral, please contact the priest in charge of the place in advance, telephone number: +66 3532 1447.

Traveling Tip: Samphao Lom Sub-district, by Chao Phraya River, in the southern side, outside the city island.


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