31 วัดกุฎีดาว 09

This old temple is now an archaic site; and thus, there is no monk staying. Evidence in Ayutthaya Royal Chronicle shows that there had been a great restoration for this temple in B.E. 2254 (A.D. 1711) in the reign of King Thai Sa, by King Boromkot (who was the then Heir Apparent). Archaeological study has led to the discovery that this temple was built in Early Ayutthaya Era and became abandoned since the Fall of Ayutthaya in B.E. 2310 (A.D. 1767. In the temple compound, there is a bell-shaped pagoda being the principal building of the temple. At the front of the pagoda, there is the big chapel whilst a pantheon is at the back of the pagoda. The inner area of the temple is encompassed with a wall. Outside the wall, there is Kammalian Chateau which is a huge archaic site with wide open area, which makes this site popular for people in Thai costumes to take photos of themselves.

Traveling Tip: This temple is located outside the city island in the east side, in Chedi-Wat Dusitaram Lane, Ayodhya Municipality Road.

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