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It is hypothesized to be built in Early Ayutthaya Era and was restored in Late Ayutthaya Era, by Chao Phraya Kosa (Lek) and Chao Phraya Kosa (Pan), which may be in the reign of King Narai. In the annals of Gampher, a German Physician who worked for East India Company of Holland and travelled to Ayutthaya in B.E. 2233 (A.D. 1690) in the reign of King Phetracha, it is noted that outside the city into the east, there was a famous temple called Phraya Khlang Temple. The map that Dr. Gampher wrote shows that the temple was Samanakottharam Temple and Kudi Dao Temple. The annals also states that, in B.E. 2233 (A.D. 1690), King Phetracha went to the temple to offer the fire to cremate Chao Mae Dusit who was mother of Chao Phraya Kosa (Lek) and Chao Phraya Kosa (Pan) and wet-nurse of King Narai.

An interesting thing inside the temple is the chapel which is a masonry and concrete building in Ayutthaya Era with an entrance-exit door  on each of the four sides of the building. Inside, there is the gable structure made of wood and the principal Buddha image with 3.5 meters width. In the east side, there is a gigantic pantheon. In this temple, there is also a big Prang pagoda that is in the shape that is different from most other pagodas. It is hypothesized to be built to imitate the Chet Yot Pagoda (Pagoda with Seven Top Finials) in Chiang Mai Province. This pagoda was built over an old one. From the pagoda, there is a portico in the east. On each of both sides of the portico, there is a stairway leading to Prathaksin Patio. This pagoda is assumed to be built in Middle Ayutthaya Era. In addition, there is also a big bell-shaped pagoda between the Prang pagoda and the chapel. This pagoda is assumed to be built since the construction of the temple, based on the characteristics of the pagoda and the motif decorated on the pagoda. These archaic constructions were built on the original buildings which were built in Early Ayutthaya Era.

Traveling Tip: 65/2  Ayodhya Municipality Road, Phai Ling Sub-district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Ayutthaya Province

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