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This temple was named after the wet-nurse of a king in Ayutthaya Era. Originally, this place had been the royal garden of Yong the Wet-nurse who was a good and honest person who adhered to morals and ethics. With her diligence, she always completed all the assignments. Consequently, she became favored by the King. Later, when Yong the Wet-nurse became old and passed away, the king gave her garden to be the land used for religious purpose and built a temple on that land. The temple was named with the name that sounds like Mae Nom (Wet-nurse) Yong in order to dedicate the merit to Yong the Wet-nurse.

After Phanomyong Temple had been built, the chapel was built as well. This chapel is very beautiful. All parts are delicate and curvy like the shape of a junk. In the northeastern side, there is a pantheon of a big reclining Buddha image which is beautifully made of concrete. This reclining Buddha image seems to be in Sukhothai style because the hair locks are spiral. This Buddha image is also famous for his sacredness. It is believed that Yong the Wet-nurse was born on Tuesday. Thus, this gigantic reclining Buddha image was built and housed in this temple and a great number of amulets and precious jewels were also hidden in the temple. In addition, there are also other two archaic and beautiful Buddha images. The first one is the principal Buddha image with very beautiful face in the chapel which was built in the reign of King U Thong with brass. The other is the image of Metteya Buddha molded in Late Ayutthaya Era. Visitors that visit the temple in a group should inform the temple in advance. There is no admission fee.

Traveling Tip: This temple is in the north of tghe old city, by the city canal, opposite the front of Pradu Chai School, Tha Wasukri Sub-district (in the area of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Municipality), Telephone Number: +66 3524 1195, work hours: 08:00 – 16:30

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