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Phichai Songkhram Temple is located near Ayutthaya Train Station on Pa Sak River Basin. t was built around B.E. 1900 (A.D. 1357). It is an ancient temple since Ayutthaya Period and was mentioned in the Royal Chronicle as Phi Chai Temple. The name was changed into Phichai Songkhram around the reign of King Rama IV or King Rama V in Ratanakosin Era when the temple was restored. The reason why the name was changed was that this temple had been abandoned since the Fall of Ayutthaya and was the place where King Taksin could fight to get away from the Burmese troop that cordoned his troop, which was one of his victories. Thus, when the temple was restored, the name was changed to honor and commemorate King Taksin’s victory that happened at this temple. Phichai Songkhram Temple had received Wisungkhamsima (land granted by the king to build temple) since B.E. 1920 (A.D. 1377). Thai people visit and pay homage to Buddha images in this temple with the belief that such actions will lead to victory over all obstacles.

Traveling Tip: Motorway Number 3053, near Krungsi River Hotel, Horatanachai Sub-district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District

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